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2011-10-08 | 编辑: | 【 】【打印】【关闭

报告题目:Exploring Chiral Space in Asymmetric Catalysis

报告人:Prof. Ben L. Feringa  (the University of Groningen)



报告摘要:The challenge to develop the fully catalytic sustainable organic synthesis of the future sets the stage for a new era in asymmetric catalysis. Besides high levels of activity and selectivity, practicality of the new catalytic methodologies is a key parameter. The design of catalytic toolkits and tandem catalytic conversions are other important aspects.In this lecture new catalytic systems based on monodentatephosphoramidite ligands will be discussed. The focus will be on advances in C-C and C-H bond formation and applications in the synthesis of natural products. Furthermore, the catalytic conjugate addition reactions of Grignard reagents and allylic alkylation of organolithium reagents with absolute levels of stereocontrol will be presented. The synthetic methodology will be illustrated in the total synthesis of structures demanding remote acyclic stereocontrol e.g. tuberculosis antigen.

Finally a new approach in asymmetric catalysis based on DNA will be discussed.



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