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2011-10-08 | 编辑: | 【 】【打印】【关闭

报告题目:Arylene Ethynylene Macrocycles:A Privileged Shape-Persistent Building Block for Materials

报告人:Prof. Jeffrey S. Moore

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



报告摘要:Shape-persistent arylene ethynylene macrocycles (AEMs) are discrete molecules whose properties can emulate high polymers, but potentially with better control of covalent, supramolecular and condensed phase organization. These size-tunable molecular architectures are constructed in a modular fashion from aromatic and heteroaromatic residues; they geometrically diverse, frequently planar, and stackable with delocalized pi-electron systems. AEMs assemble as stacked-aggregates in dilute solution, 1D nanofibril gels with organic solvents, 2D discotic liquid crystalline phases in the melt, and 3D porous crystals in the solid state. Recent synthetic advances have led to methods for multigram preparations in only a few steps from commercially available compounds. AEMs are thus attracting considerable attention in supramolecular chemistry and materials science due to their unique structures, novel properties and demonstrated applications such as sensory materials for explosives detection. This lecture will cover some the key contributions from my laboratory leading to AEMs as a privileged, shape-persistent building block for materials.




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