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2011-11-23 | 编辑: | 【 】【打印】【关闭

报告题目:Foldamers: expanding the chemical space

报 告 人:Prof. Ivan HUC

European Institute of Chemistry and Biology



报告摘要:Our group has developed helical foldamers – oligomers that adopt stable helical folded conformations – derived from aromatic amino acids [1]. Some of these folded objects have shown unprecedented conformational stability [2], and constitute convenient building blocks to elaborate synthetic, very large (protein-sized) folded architectures (Figure 1) [3]. They possess a high propensity to assemble into double, triple and quadruple helices [4]. Cavities can be designed within such synthetic molecules that enable them to act as artificial receptors [5] including for chiral guests. Water soluble analogues of these foldamers show promise in nucleic acid recognition [6].

Figure 1. Crystal structure of a large foldamer comprised of two helices of opposite handedness at a 90° angle. The protein crystal structure on the right is shown as the same scale for size comparison.


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